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Our was growing faster than farmers can feed it the you ensued in agriculture lord musician that predicts that nine point seven billion people won't have at the planet by two thousand fifty that's two and a half billion more than today how are we going to keep the world's i'm looking like this how are we going to see the few billion more people were nearly eight hundred million are hungry right now now [SMACK] eat promise math is published an essay on the principle of people [SMACK] unwary observe an increase in the nation's food production improve the quality of life and citizens but any improvement was temporary because it led to population growth now this your eyes that quote the power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the where they produce subsistence from and eventually earth would be able to see it everyone an all susan trapped but this is all the case of you ignore innovation and allows us to produce food more effectively humans have always been able to increase the supply proportion to population from agent egypt in china the mezzo america and the roman empire societies innovating methods in tools to grow harvest in produce enough food to feed their new world our food have been grown on the backs of animals women and men can one thousand one went and our bone design the first commercially successful tracked or so only machines empowered farmers to ten as a much land is they could imagine but still innovation allowed us to produce more and blog developed a door feet that hey stronger stop to keep heavier yields of green from following over and writing exponentially increasing the supply of wheat across the world he wanted to nobel peace prize in a thousand i heard [SMACK] work to keep up with our imaginations we filled farmers allman max we've been crowd of the irrigation we've engineered whether in as resistant plants but still we need more radical innovation is to feed the world into the digital age we've arrived and levels technical maturity that the just farming ants are human needs launching a wave of human improvement the future farming is happening now big data machine learning smart connected equipment the internet of things in autonomous technologies of hours to understand fields in crops at the macro level and over the down to a single role in the middle of a massive field farmers and your future will operate tractors in drones from tablets as they were can collect data across their land cloud computing systems who like process this data into the farmers one analyze it for the digital and puts from sensors and fields to predict and manage their crops growing cycles form of over them manufacturers like seen h industrial have unveiled autonomous factors that can work around the clock plowing planting harvesting in transporting all wild gathering continuous data on soil and crop conditions these self driving tractors can make their own decisions such as reacting to whether patterns and automatically moving to another field right now at our must drones do more than just hey gharial photos they quickly gather data on crop health quantity into text stresses like parasites finger monitor livestock numbers and grazing trends new technology comes in new anxiety s but the benefits of automation indeed a german farming him but every human the future of farming has the potential to give everyone access sustainable high quality in cheaper food we don't have to get pot and math uzi entrapped we don't have to have millions or billions on green but we used to innovate today the greatest minds of every generation in the mouth is the albums that more logs the side into new better directions they thought above their way class research institutions and businesses like see nature doing networked now what we need brilliant minds to develop the apps and algorithms that will analyzed the data the in this tractors and drinking and then turn into practical techniques [COUGH] need farmers to implement and governments to allow the future farming for all working together that will never be hungry

Did you farming in the India is a huge topic for far muscle it's a tiny country boys are the limits of resources in lancer today just farmer they have learned by a heart of a tradition to get a maximum off the country and if you to falling out he's an additional opportunity to for them maximize the productivity on the field with minimum in curse the so i've twenty twenty stands for the incentive food and want it the you from the project that got nothing to have to bring wall them members together from planting [COUGH] to half us in the use case potatoes to talk to is very most to connect all and it technology these are avail thirteen that we all had afford farm than heart of just per daughters and he won the leaders also end to the front door on this sustainability farming in the netherlands and therefore it's really a natural fit i would say and being together [UH] for farm we will have twelve digital fingerprint that we will connect to east operations he proved productivity and also to improve sustainable production potatoes to the liver healthy food and grow of them house graded other countries outside your by the end of these years we have the first result in i've twenty twenty they go between liver temple through the details and these are a technical and november and we also will use the amputated europe in september to share and to communicate the results of i have two thousand twenty meaning it is

Retail shopping will change more in the next ten years that it has and the last one case years everything you as you have the myself will come back to the gaps schools who behaved more like websites and whips out some more like schools the fundamentals of water happy is it's purpose and function is already change these are the five because technologies that will affect you'll show an experience increasingly retailers a using begins doing has install experiences why simultaneous free bridging your physical and online experiences becomes a small wireless devices that turned has been a continuous radio seacole the signal ideas detected by smartphones they said the idea to a cloud serve the servant condemn push targeting content to device bluetooth low energy ble is a technology behind beakers and that provides to bias location on a very mark were level down to a single stole oil for instance this means that if you have opted he retailers we out to gather data not only on your movements but also be a to push contract to your [SMACK] so you're walking past two favorite department store and they having a cell with the making led by you'll find could loading to the soil for the retail perspective the data collection aspect of because he's arguably more hold to the sales there will be only use the information to get a segment customers and advertise accorded waste tools like macy's and bodies already deployed because retailers have no longer content to identify us by a swipe of a loyalty car at the point of cells they want to identify hours as soon as we have to the store the iphone as help to normal a special regulation and he's in these technology retail designed to provide customers experienced a biology which uses over sixteen powers and reference points on your fates was originally designs as a part security of events an international airports but using facial recognition systems retell staff no the top of products apart and where you're every spend just so they can give more love to house failures they'll be over use software that reads of motion to identify when you were frustrated unknown if i to respond of course this stuff to respond made up your typical human employees make your new robot chagrin a systems hello i am not whether you're looking for two robe all system technology already is and king great human multiple they have built in pretty scandals with image recognition software to identify white hunt and never get this tool to go ready to the crosses if you haven't out of the box question that is beyond the robot that can start of video conference where the human the robots are not limited to just a moon direction and also movement to supply chain twitch robots said chicks stop find prices neurons and comes have been this place these robots are intelligent enough to navigate existence rules and move around cost and the dawn of these robots get the he's kampala and analyze to providing progress of work [SMACK] ones traditional mirrors out have smart displays there in using artificial intelligence virtual reality and gesture recognition technology the mirror us consuming pose close he over your on strange image in effect the mirror becomes a virtual changing rooms way you can create it could play golf as without every getting and wrist these technology allows you to see all what even items that i'm not install and try and dozens of giving combinations to see what the same age and would look like in a different color just what your head you can even share your virtual picture fund social media so your friends can give you a device before you buy that new jacket oh leds has a similar products for feeding grounds what he walk into a feet the americans and live with all the audience you have the our today you can request other sizes cuts and colors with two despite and and learn to send to sales stuff to deliver product using big data the sales stuff and also brought in additional products that other customers typically by but those adams essentially it brings the he's of online shopping into the tangible world of retiree retail stores can use these technologies i just to measure average time in the city man but also which atoms have the hottest conversion rate after robots support and interactive displays comes to payment process self service check out so existed fall over a decade came with your phone or watches you but we will see the rise and fall of these technology the future of i'm an is you walking out of the store with your right and automatically been and the total brain charge to your accounts them is already has shows that i'd any for you as you enter an automatic recharge you

So smallholdings in developing countries have long been associated with core farm practices with a long productivity that low income this has made the sector particular the unattractive to a new generation of farmers but this seems to be changing now cds projects for young farmers in kenya showed that i see to come they are role in attracting youth into agriculture by enhancing access to marketed for ovation production techniques new technologies and financing opportunities their perspectives have changed [UM] is now moving from a backbreaking pulley paid labor intensive task to a solid sourcing common at a much more profitable and rewarding business let's have a look at a nice to enabled journey and into profitable farming young farmer struggled to make ends meet because of an profitable agriculture of activities as soon as they hear about the potential of using it as a tool to increase their income from farming they want to be part of this once they start acquiring basic skills they use begin to identify the potential of ice into two make there's something activities profitable the young farmers and to sort centers that we're also open to other farmers and community members [SMACK] the training include sessions on how to use the equipment and software that best addresses farming challenges within the local context gradually the young is start applying their skills to obtain real unable a price information they said enhances their power to that she ate and their position in relation to local traders businesses and other key value chain [SMACK] leaders their digital competences in combination with that right tools help them keep records identified crops that are in hiding and axis the information about person control and new farming practices and technologies and you can marketplaces was in our bones we kind of even people train panic to fool to see him permissions mind for missions about tactic idea and also to videos by think videos by seeing other people works bl helped them a lot of course the secret and they go one work as half a bit the early adopters have for farm management now the first if it's of their activities this return on investment motivates them to continue applying their schools on their farms some of them start rentokil buying learned in addition to obtaining land from their power [SMACK] which in turn off as employment opportunities to other use we have about this beautiful [UM] or so we've been actually well with farmers within our age how to do grab and do i get this information so they are also believe develop due to their increased technical knowledge and higher incomes the role of youth stands about more strongly both internal need to watch their families and external lead to extension agents and other communities tank all those this recognition of their role and added value enables them to think of only effectively and with the private sector this also motivates them to continue applying is city to find after introduction of devices i have seen the you did in had it they are found that farming is not only left or for those people who are not educated so they're educated you i have come back to for me because of there are no basic eventually i court skill to use emerges row bottles having increased those social status and generated hi yields and incomes other community members yemen boulder then inspired by their success and follows suit too it shows the future viability of the agricultural sector tackle global poverty and generate employment these crucial to equipped tomorrow's farmers with the right tools and skills that will allow them to start off their own journey into profitable funny to learn all about cds projects in agricultural land the development and to find a recent research reports go to don't walk

I want to purge cultural field [COUGH] analysis system using irrigation cultural field money thing using i want to keep the at this money [UM] so you i'm using in a room i for six good or more and i'm using in a deep at it more than a hundred yellow muscle and here i'm using force into one is attempting to where i'm great dozens up human does into that and once slide in my dear friends and what an levels in now the because they fundamental one thing so happy using when water then water should be on a them means there should be able but then the dead body and yet when enough and go to live is really reduce the latter it gives the a atom indication all these incentive got i should be a bit down to do that the page continually salt six to across to [COUGH] the i'll empty tube timpani ted who would use wider g bad is aladdin so you're [UH] is my applications so you're agriculture done so [SMACK] gaining system so there's one but button on and so if you press on the water should be if it is of the motor should we also he had to do she could hands happy when we get underscored [SMACK] th free [COUGH] and we're getting the data so if we get the done if you get so the motor should be on enough so this is one hundred which was mining one descends us and as a on of can vision of the water and so on so in addition worked is sends out one thing and in a and it so i'm continuously one doing this sense daughter and i'm pushing the adult side were and i'm getting right to decide over me to go around of condition for his own harder should be and of off so here let is coming into the hard required so here i'm using and to her input a step don't transform name was output easy and here i'm using in i've been omega to face exterior hold dilemmas museum and here project is and for the capacitance seven energetic later and one guilty this is a by surprise eruptions to the oil and data muddied i was probably supply section sixteen crosses here are displaying not enough in the people and felt can of all for design small he pump [COUGH] that you can't using a need a lot and you can operate delhi [UM] of but applications it was more enough conditions presenting that is more and more counting and while that of in but ages and you would descend or and one side which is and and what level simple [UH] so now i'm going to be people a her back he ok ok so here hanging [SMACK] high music and yet it gps modern [UM] here i'm using ones in got the through three years go deep angles you've had from posadas anyone he went seven digital world a believer circulator when asked and raising so we need to think [SMACK] here so then we help to build the pollen so pictures but you [UM] you don't field of an even system and the limits come so here all sensor so it did you can understand it so you descending the action you know which is be back out but they are the hands on peace and that i should be seen to seven and a way having execute kubiak shall complete and they eventually you that that none of the car on one or a off and it dragon and i will give [UH] more than off and the nature why should be what have level zero looking [UM] you know we have a living themselves so you can going to on the market no down we can see even case i could they don't physics the for cooking because what a basic to for and went to six to for so in this country in history updating him managers hands and this is the in immune new be and this is the voices and water level now i'm going to on this so now i'm going to honor so it should be and going [UM]

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